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What's happening at

Best of x - Future of work?

We launched our Best of X - Future of Work event series this May at the Zukunft Personal Nord in Hamburg. We invited both HR-Startups and corporate representatives. In three short workshop sessions, the participants played through different real-life HR scenarios and found practical action recommendations by solving our "5 Whys" exercise together.

One of the sessions was proudly sponsored by BARMER who are currently teaming up with startups to explore the latest trends in health.

What's happening at

Best of x - Future of work?

HeavenHR is a cloud-based SaaS human resources software made in Berlin. Specialized in digitizing all HR processes including digital personnel file, absence management, recruiting, time tracking, shift planning and payroll, HeavenHR is available per employee and per feature and therefore the perfect solution for small startups as well as SMBs. HeavenHR is TÜV certified, processing data completely in German data centers and committed to highest data protection levels that are currently used in online banking.

iCombine enables companies to quickly compile qualified teams by identifying the best fitting internal talents for each project role. Their SaaS called Project Pad, therefore, makes all relevant skills, availability as well as requirements visible and analyzes important training or recruitment needs. With their solution, they save around 50% of the time needed to plan projects while raising active employee participation in planning processes.

Lunchzeit revolutionizes the way people connect within organizations to create happier, more connected workplaces. It is a ready-to-go SaaS solution (iOS & Android app, web) that connects people in large companies and other organizations for informal meetings. People can build real relationships during lunch or coffee with coworkers they usually wouldn’t meet. This leads not only to better connected and happier but also more creative and productive employees.

As a survey-based Pulse & Team Engagement solution, Surwayne helps to collect direct 360° feedback from your employees. Set up your survey in less than 20 minutes, monitor it in your dashboard and use Surwaynes‘ suggested solutions for weak spots. Your employees will answer a maximum of 10 relevant and recurring questions via a simple system of smileys – anonymously and anywhere. Quite simply, stay in tune with your employees.

cherryfish brings advanced skill analytic capabilities to skill management and candidate matching. Our skill analytics engine accelerates staffing your open project positions, spots the most knowledgeable colleague for a specific topic in your organization and provides guidance on the most valuable training to achieve your next career step. Think about it as Google for skills.

Health is the key to success. Our goal is to put all the expertise that we’ve gained offline into our digital health tool. HUMANOO provides each user with integrated health training, determining the individual’s physical and mental health status in order to offer them customized coaching in physiotherapy, brain fitness, workouts, and nutrition. HUMANOO aims to promote health and increase overall wellbeing, increasing happiness both in the workplace and in private life.

Skillfinity helps you to organize all of the best learning content of the Internet in one easy-to-use app. The Skillfinity app will help you to easily discover new skills to master and track your learning progress. Building a learning habit has never been so easy!


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