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Candylabs is an ecosystem of startup-related initiatives. Started as a technology service provider, candylabs developed itself into a variety of activities centered around startups: A digital transformation consultancy joining a product prototyping lab, startup events (ie. Product Hunt Frankfurt & FuckUp Nights Frankfurt) and pre-seed ventures are key activity fields.


​​Climate-KIC is the EU’s largest public private partnership addressing climate change through innovation to build a zero carbon economy. Education is at the heart of these themes to inspire and empower the next generation of climate leaders. We run programmes for students, start-ups and innovators across Europe via centres major cities, convening a community of the best people and organisations. Our approach starts with improving the way people live in cities. Our focus on industry creates the products required for a better living environment, and we look to optimise land use to produce the food people need. Climate-KIC is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.
The Climate-KIC Accelerator supports Cleantech start-ups all over Europe by tackling climate change through innovations, new technologies or IT solutions.​



FinTech FFM is short for Frankfurt’s official FinTech Meetup. The founders of the initiative and event organizers are thriving to support the local FinTech and StartUp community by providing useful presentations and networking opportunities on a regular basis. In about half a year the meetup group grew from zero to +700, impressively showing the potential of the Rhine-Main-Area and proving a very important point: There is a much better FinTech or StartUp scene in Frankfurt than many people might think, it is just a bit more hidden than someplace else.​


​Frankfurt Economic Development is the first point of contact for Frankfurt’s businesses, founders and companies planning to set up in the city, irrespective of their size. We serve as an independent guide and provide customized information on Frankfurt’s economic structure and key industries. Based on the networks we have initiated, we put you in touch with other companies as well as associations, communities, and consultants. As a full subsidiary of the City of Frankfurt, we are an intermediary between business and politics, and ensure that your needs are heard by the political committees. We pursue our goal of creating further growth and jobs by providing advise to companies and by devising cluster-based economic development strategies. We also give recommendations on economic policy and location-related activities and develop suggestions on how to safeguard Frankfurt’s future as a business location. Our services are free of charge.​


Founded in 2010, Für-Grü has established itself as a leading platform in Germany for startups, entrepreneurs and all those, who aim to become their own boss. Für-Grü has actively supported thousands of enthusiastic entrepreneurs to set up their own company by providing relevant information, giving access to a valuable network and by creating tools that enhance the process of setting up businesses.“​​


Gründerküche is an online magazin for Entrepreneurs & Investors, Founders & Corporates with 120k visitors per month. We provide clear information on founding topics, how-to articles, an overview of the most interesting events for founders.  Our team in Berlin & Frankfurt searches the web for great input & shares it with the community of founders. Are you looking for a Startup-Event, a Businessplan-Award or an Accelerator-Program to apply for? Have a look on Gründerkü!​


Gründermaschine is a Pre-Seed Incubator for Fintech Start-Ups in Frankfurt. We support passionate Entrepreneurs to innovate future banking & investment. Our incubatees receive pre-seed liquidity, operative and strategic support as well as co-working space. Moreover, Gründermaschine takes up  services such as Accounting, HR and Marketing for the start-ups. The strategic development is supported by routinely organised workshops or lunches together with experienced entrepreneurs and experts from the financial industry, including a fronting bank. ​


About the main incubator The Main Incubator GmbH, briefly main incubator, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Commerzbank. Founded in October 2013, with registered offices in Frankfurt the company started its operations in March 2014. It is represented by the Managing Director Birgit Storz and Christian Hoppe. At its operational launch the main incubator was the first incubator of a major bank for financial technology startups in continental Europe. The focus is on solutions for corporate customers. Through strategic investments the company is companion
for FinTech startups up to the launch of their products. The range of the startups includes access to customers of Commerzbank, private equity, banking expertise, offices and infrastructure in Frankfurt. The main incubator aimed at its investments no majorities. The main incubator already made three strategic investments: in Traxpay, Gini and OptioPay.​


The Pitch Club is the most successful startup-meets-investor event in the Rhine-Main region. It inspires young, creative startups to pitch their business to a crowd of serious investors. Not for the faint-hearted, startup contestants will be challenged to „give it all“, with the stage transforming into a „ring“ where the contestants must parry tough questions from experienced investors.  Difficult, hair-raising questions are not only desired, but strictly required. In 6 editions 48 startups have pitched their business models in front of 180+ investors. More than 40% of the companies have raised capital through the Pitch Club so far - in total over 8M €.

RHEIN-MAIN-STARTUPS.COM​ is the "go to" place for startups and founders in and around the FrankfurtRheinMain area. We help local startups to get visibility, find employees and investors by giving them a platform that spreads their message through our website, newsletter, Twitter as well as Facebook (page and group).​


The German Productivity and Innovation Centre (RKW) is a nationwide non-profit organization. Since 1921, it has been supporting and promoting the productivity and innovative ability of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Germany. It is a networking system that operates on different levels with a nationwide Competence Centre and 11 regional organizations.

The RKW engages in research, development and knowledge transfer, working together with the economy, science and politics. One area of activity is to enhance entrepreneurship in Germany, which includes inspiring people of all ages for entrepreneurship, identifying and promoting regional networks and startup communities. Supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, free solutions - such as guidelines, RKW magazines and online tools - are designed by the RKW experts to help startups and SMEs quickly solve current and future problems.​


The Social Impact Labs are a platform for social entrepreneurs, freelancers and companies working in all aspects of social entrepreneurship. The Labs offer an ecosystem for social entrepreneurs: physical space for working, networking and exchange, business advice and start-up support.  You will find: consulting & qualification offers, shared services, networking, events and co-working space >> Everything about social entrepreneurship. Currently we are located in Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Frankfurt and Duisburg.​


StartWerk-A offers space for founders and startups in Wiesbaden. We offer 32 different office rooms (different sizes from 14 to 35m2) in an old industrial building. We also provide space for development as well as networking
events. Modern technical settings, e.g. glas-fibre internet access makes business easy. StartWerk-A is situated close to route A66, the train station
„Wiesbaden-Biebrich“ and the „Schloßpark“.​


The Unibator is the “innovation hot spot” of the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. The unique university incubator encourages students, staff, and alumni from all academic departments to turn their scientific discoveries into cogent business ideas, and then, into marketable products and services. The Unibator is a magnet for startup ideas especially from the financial industry. Its numerous events and entrepreneurial activities additionally make the Unibator one of the driving forces behind the fast-growing startup community in the Frankfurt region. Moreover, powered by lectures, seminars, and workshops, the Unibator also promotes entrepreneurial thinking and action for all students of the Goethe University, providing everyone with the opportunity to understand the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.​

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