This is a guest post from a company we love doing business with: MOO We fully endorse these guys! 5 TIPS FOR NETWORKING Best of X events can be great places for making contacts – but they can also be tricky to navigate if you don’t arrive prepared! You not only want to make an impression, you want to make sure people remember you for the right reasons – the main one being, you’re someone they’d like to do business with. So what steps can you take to help wring every single drop of usefulness out of an event? To kick start your preparation, here’s five tips from MOO! 1. Do your homework Research the guest list before you turn up. Who excites or interests you? You can always make contact beforehand on LinkedIn or Xing to get a conversation started, or even email someone to let them know you’d love a few minutes of their time at the event.

2. Get the attitude Smile - although not constantly, that’s slightly weird. But the point is, people are attracted to positivity, so smile, and relax – everyone is in the same position. If joining conversations makes you nervous, prepare a few failsafe conversation starter questions. Remember, people love to talk about themselves! 3. Remember to listen It sounds obvious, but if you just use every conversation as an excuse to tell people how great your business is, it won’t leave people wanting more. A better tactic is to listen to their story, and make subtle notes so that later on, you can follow up and have a two-way discussion about working together. 4. Have a great business card When someone asks you for your card, it’s an opportunity to be remembered– so don’t waste it with flimsy paper or a forgettable design. At MOO, we use premium paper as standard (try our triple thick Luxe range for added oomph!) and have hundreds of design templates to help you stand out in any wallet. 5. Don’t forgot the follow up You did your research, you had great conversations and you collected the right business cards – so what next? Don’t leave it too long before you make the follow up call; no matter how brilliant your conversational skills, ideas and business card were, a prompt phonecall or email is the next step. So what are you waiting for? MOO is passionate about helping businesses look their best with premium paper products. And it’s not just Business Cards – with our Postcards, Letterhead, Flyers, MiniCards, Square Business Cards, Letterpress and triple thick Luxe range, stand-out stationery is just a few clicks away.

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