February 18, 2016

The Best of X - season is about to start - finally!

One goal we've set last year is to grow to an international competition. Connecting meaningful players of startup ecosystems where ever we find them.

With Best of X - Czech Republic we're starting the international roll-out. At least 10 more international locations will follow in 2016.

We've received impressive nominations from startup-organizations on a national scale and are proud to welcome new partner organizations​ into our growing network.


Furthermore we're honored to receive support from great companies and governmental organizations on a national scale, helping to increase international visibility of local startup champions.




What gets us especially excited is how this expansion originated: Capnamic's​ Jörg Binnenbrücker was an esteemed juror at Best of X - Rhineland in 2015 and helped to connect us with his friends in the Czech Republic - notably Michael Broda of Delta Capital.

Michael and his team enthusiastically joined Best of X and played an absolute key role in turning the plan into reality. That's organic growth!

Having reviewed more than 30 nominations we're finally launching the BoX-Ambassadorvote this coming weekend (19th of February 2016) and by that also welcome new Czech BoX-Ambassadors and BoX-Jurors to our growing network of ​​entrepreneurial experts.


Now all eyes are on the actual superstars: A great selection of Czech high growth startups.

Voting is about to commence - prepare to be impressed! 

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