The center of Germany can do startups - and it's not only Fintech!

Over the past three months we've received great support from the startup ecosystem makers in the Rhine Main area. With great help from Alexander Schiller and Melanie Mahling from JINNYJO MEDIA - ie. Gründerküche, we're now ready to have our local challenge in yet another German entrepreneurial hotspot.

Currently we're receiving nominations and applications - our inboxes burst with entrepreneurial greatness. All this wouldn't be possible without our host FAZ and special price sponsor Entega.

Our immense gratitude goes to the many new BoX-partners from the Rhine-Main area. Who have proudly nominated outstanding startups into our competition and hence ensure the quality of the participants. ​ ​Every partner plays a significant and individual part in the local ecosystems. One thing they all share is passion for great startups and their founders.

It's going to be an exciting race, the nominations promise high quality challengers and we'll keep you posted all the way.

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