BoX Entega Workshop

​As part of ENTEGA’s continuous startup engagement several startups were selected to participate in an in-house workshop led by BoX coaches Birgit Ströbel and Jan C. Küster. The following startups were invited to take part:

  • Minds Medical – revolutionizing hospital’s invoice systems and this year’s champion at Best of X - Rhine Main.

  • Contagt – a Frankfurt based startup bringing together Bluetooth technology and NFC for smarter indoor navigation.

  • SINN Power – not only providing coastal locations with clean energy through wave-power but also an avid Founders Fight Night performer in Munich and at the CeBIT 2016

The founders were joined by specialists from ENTEGA’s team to provide insights and knowhow in lively discussions. As gaining actionable insights was not the only goal of the day since both parties wanted to foster and jumpstart sustainable business relationships between the entrepreneurs and the energy provider. The startups gave the roadmap for the day by choosing two insight subjects for the day: Business Development and Funding. ENTEGA’s senior staff not only served as a sounding board for ideas but furthermore delivered prompt feedback on how to connect with the company either as potential investor and / or corporate customer.

Common pitfalls and winning scenarios in startup vs. corporate collaboration made for interesting discussions. A major takeaway is that perspectives need to align and both parties described the necessity for clear communication of expectations. When speed is your currency neither party wants to delay decision making processes beyond essential bureaucracy. ​Startups can increase success chances by being well prepared and having all required information ready, while corporates speed up proceedings by including all relevant decision makers as soon as possible in the business discussion.

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