Change is Chance

Human Resources Digitalisation has the power to shape corporate culture.

Human Resources is seizing ownership of digitalization systems to achieve business outcomes and drive actively, best case pro-actively organizational change. HR Digitalisation provides the exceptional opportunity to strategically shape the culture and reinforce the HR role within the organizations.

Gone are the days when digitization was a fancy trend that people discussed. It has now become a strategic necessity that is slowly and steadily integral part of every business process and function, be it sales and marketing, customer services and human resources. Digital changes are work culture changes, and HR should be the digital transformation leader and coach guiding this journey.

In the digital era, an HR strategy needs to foster a culture that inspires innovation, leads digital change, has an open-mindset and creates the ultimate employee satisfaction. It also needs to enable leaders, teams, employees to deal with the change, the leadership requirements, the complexity, the speed, and the volume of today’s digital workplace.

Taking an agile approach to integrating people, techniques and processes are therefore key. Social, mobile, analytics, and cloud tools are only useful if employees adopt them. Active-listening and understanding business and employee's needs as well as getting the buy-in of the relevant internal stakeholder and decision makers is crucial for an applicable use of digital tools.

It is our job as HR professionals to stay agile and keep pace with close-to-the-business HR strategies, current operating models, and state-of-the-art technology. If we do our job right, today’s digitalization promises to hold massive opportunities for future success.

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