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Some jobs have already been eliminated and many will disappear in the future - loads more will be created. Curious on what jobs will be in demand in 2040? What part will AI play in HR and how does the future of commercial drones look like? Enjoy your week!


Company-wide agile development Companies that are deploying agile at scale have accelerated their innovation by up to 80 percent but to deploy agile development at scale, companies will need to alter their operating models and organizational structures. [McKinsey]

Profoundly positive effects transparency has on organizations A lack of transparency has a deeper impact on the efficiency of an employee, and therefore a company. Transparency gives your employees the tools and confidence to put themselves into the work, and feel they’re trusted to come up with their own solutions. [ART+marketing]


Commercial drones - The future of unmanned aerial systems (UAS)

Although some of the most innovative drone applications may take years to develop, stakeholders must understand how the landscape is evolving and begin refining their UAS strategies now if they want to branch beyond their current uses and capture additional value. [McKinsey]

Will AI take over HR?

AI is increasingly being used to automate many HR processes. Let’s consider seven ways AI improves efficiency in HR. [talentculture]


6 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Gamification In The Workplace In recent years, gamification has become somewhat of a buzzword. But, as with all buzzwords, it’s often used without a true understanding of what it means. So, what is gamification really all about? Get to know about the benefits and tips to implement gamification in the workplace. [talentlms]

Harness employees' emotional energy Fuel success by linking a company’s strategic goals to the reasons people are proud to work there. The ability to harness these sources of pride become especially important during periods of change and disruption. [strategy+business]


The 6 Jobs Everyone Will Want in 2040 Automation has already eliminated millions of manufacturing, food service, and retail jobs, and there’s little doubt it will eventually reshape every other industry but the good news according to the Institue for the Future (IFTF) is that 85% of the jobs in 2030 have not yet been created. [Time]

Listen to this podcast on how Google hires Finding, assessing, and hiring exceptional talent is never easy, but there are ways to structure how you screen, interview, and woo candidates to help you make better decisions. Five tips that organizations can adopt to improve hiring decisions. [rework]


What makes people happy at work? Everybody wants to be happy at work. Research has shown that happy employees are 12% more productive than their unhappy counterparts. Learn about five key factors which enhance happiness at work. [Lattice]

7 Ways to Improve Your Company's Employee Experience Employee experience needs to be changed. A report from Gallup shows that 51% of the North-American workforce are not engaged with their jobs. Following are some tips how organizations can embrace new technologies and strategies to enhance employee experience and make the future of work better. [CMSWire]

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