Best of X - Future of Work - 18.06.2018

Finally Monday again, so this means time for our bi-weekly newsletter on all things Future of Work. How can businesses stay nimble to adapt to changing market demands? Find this and all other articles below. And just in case you missed it: We are starting a series of Webinars and Meetups where we ask a corporate practitioner and a founder to work out loud through tricky HR-scenarios. Their words will be practical recommendations for your day job! Let us know if you'd like to become a speaker or listener. We are still full of energy due to last week's amazing CEBIT experience to start into a new successful week.

Have a great start!


Culture for a Digital Age Since cultural obstacles correlate clearly with negative economic performance, this article shows how leaders can be proactive in shaping and measuring culture. Learn why it needs to be approached with the same discipline which with operational transformation is tackled. [McKinsey]


Reboot for the AI Revolution

The ongoing artificial-intelligence revolution will change almost every line of work, creating enormous social and economic opportunities - and challenges. Read this to learn why and how we must forge new economic, social ad educational systems. [Nature]


Using Self-Awareness to Work Well Remotely Remote work is picking up speed, but simply getting a remote-friendly job doesn't set an employee up for success. Read how the author managed to understand peak productivity and create a routine that allows you to work more efficiently. [ThinkGrowth]


The most Innovative Companies Thrive when People Disrupt Themselves Because disruption isn't just happening to us, but we are the force behind it, leaders need to hire high potential rather than maximum qualification to stay nimble and be able to adapt to changing markets. [SingularityHub]


5 Workplace Changes That Will Impact Every Organization Companies will have to learn to become more agile and dynamic around teamwork and human processes; providing tools and structure to become a flexible work environment while remaining efficient. Learn how you can adapt to the future changes in our workspaces. [StartupGrind]

That's all for now. Here for the first time? Why not get Future of Work News bi-weekly?

Stay safe!

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