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A reskilling revolution is on the way, the changing demography enables a multigenerational workforce, and automation is increasing. When robots do our jobs, how are we going to create new meaningful work? All of the above and more in the following articles. Have a great start to a successful week!


Towards a reskilling revolution For companies, reskilling and upskilling strategies will be critical if they are to find the talent they need and to contribute to socially responsible approaches to the future of work. [World Economic Forum]

Working across generations: Inspiring a multigenerational workforce From baby boomers to millennials, governments are having to change the way they think about engaging their workforce as new generations take over. [GovTech]


How do we create meaningful work in an age of automation?

New workplace trends such as automation, AI, and the gig economy are generating a need for policies that create jobs and work that is more fulfilling. [McKinsey]

Every study we could find on what automation will do to jobs, in one chart

Will robots destroy our jobs? There are as many opinions as there are experts and their prognostications are all over the map. [MIT Technology Review]


How high-performing companies build organizational health What combination of management practices leads to the healthiest, highest-performing companies?McKinsey found four recipes for success. [McKinsey]


Develop your hiring system like a product to eliminate bias and boost retention Together with a couple of his colleagues, Dan Pupius set out to build an anti-fragile hiring process that would adapt to new information, wouldn't depend on any one person, and would get stronger over time. [First Round Review]

Hire for the stage you want to reach, not the stage you’re at Think about hiring from the lens of an investor. The #1 mistake we see CEOs make is hiring for the stage they are at, not the one they want to reach. ​[Medium]


Work optimising the smart office: A marriage of technology and people As employees become increasingly 'plugged in' to their workspaces and interact with AI-driven systems as part of their jobs, businesses need to ensure that humans are not overwhelmed by all the technology. [ZDNet]

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