Best of X - Future of Work - 29.05.2018

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Here comes your thought-starter on all things Future of Work.

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We are starting a series of Webinars and Meetups. In a nutshell, we ask a corporate practitioner and a founder to work out loud through tricky HR-scenarios. Their words will be practical recommendations for your day job! Get busy with us and shoot us a message to become a speaker or listener. Enjoy your successful week!

BARMER at Zukunft Personal Nord in Hamburg

We launched our Best of X - Future of Work event series with both HR-Startups and corporate representatives from Hamburg and Berlin. In three exciting workshop sessions, the participants played through different scenarios and found real-life action recommendations by solving our "5 Whys" exercise together. One of the sessions was proudly sponsored by BARMER who are currently teaming up with startups to explore the latest trends in health.


These Are the Most Exciting Industries and Jobs of the Future People are getting more and more concerned about losing their jobs in the future. But this phrase really got me: "One of the most powerful implications of current trends is that 'work' will become more meaningful as we are left to perform jobs requiring more creativity, intellectual pursuits, and human interaction, potentially leading many of us happier than we are today." [Singularity Hub]

Ops 4.0 – The human factor: recognizing the capability challenge At first approach, many people might think Ops 4.0 is just a technological challenge. The fact is: “People make the difference when organizations attempt to transform themselves”. [McKinsey&Company]


Seven Reasons AI Will Take Over HR – and One Reason It Won’t This article shows that AI can save time doing repetitive tasks in HR (who really likes to fill out payrolls?), but still: Company culture, final decisions and humanity cannot be replaced. [talentculture]

The White House says a new AI task force will protect workers and keep America first The interesting point here is not just the introduction of the new AI task force but the contradiction which goes along: Capitalization on AI technology on part of the US and distance to other nations. New immigration rules impede international experts to immigrate and research control. [MIT Technology Review]


California Government Operations Agency: Defining leadership values and training managers Read about how the state of California established a new manager training program for their 30,000 managers to reorganize the state government and how they built a management philosophy. [re:Work]


6 Ways to Elevate Your Onboarding This article unavoidable will remind you of your own last onboarding session. As onboarding is a key factor in employee-retention efforts, this article is going to provide you with useful information about implementing a successful process. [talentculture]


Four personality traits of a team and how to manage them Blue – Green – Orange – Red? A color can summarise most people's personalities, and with it, the color carries a list of traits an individual would typically possess. Which color would you assign yourself to? And would your team agree with you? [distilled]

How do you train feedback behavior? Impraise Blog - Employee performance management, reviews and 360 feedback Are you struggling with how to implement a meaningful feedback culture in your workplace? Learn about how you can go from training over routine to recognition and rewards. [impraise blog]

Stay safe!

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