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You think feedback is the best way to improve your employees' efficiency? Turns out it can actually hurt their performance! Find out how to do better and how that's related to this cute baby panda.

Besides curating the top HR news for you, we're also planning our upcoming webinar and meetup series about the future of work. Also, you have the unique chance to be part of a live podcast recording at the Zukunft Personal Europe in Cologne this September. Wanna produce clever evergreen content for your sales and shine as an HR expert? Become part of the Future of Work Show! Let us know!

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The Power of Listening in Helping People Change

New research shows that giving feedback is not up to date anymore. Feedback could even hurt performance whereas listening - implied you are an active and good listener - shapes the employees' emotions and attitude in a positive way. [Harvard Business Review]


Human Resources in the Age of Automation

To drive value from talent, HR must deliver continuous and smooth customer services. AI will help to automate people processes and to save cost and time by over 50%. HR should be part of the charge to automate customer service, particularly at larger organizations with sizeable HR call centers. [McKinsey]


What motivates us at work? More than money

In this article, you'll find some studies with highly interesting implications of what makes us feel good about our work. One of them explains how looking at a photo of a cute baby panda can sharpen your focus and upper your performance! [TED]


What I Learned Building a Hiring Machine at Blue Apron

This article shows, that hiring top talent should not only be limited to the recruiting team but that everybody needs to be involved. Top talent should be "Mission Critical" from now on. [BETTER EVERYDAY]


9 Ways to Make Meetings More Effective for Your Blended Team

How many meetings do you have scheduled for this week? Or even for today? Are you always happy with the outcome? Meetings are the way businesses get things done. This makes it even more important to structure them in an effective way. Follow this blog posts' tips to make your meetings more effective. [teamwork]

Be happy!

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