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This edition is all about making your company future-proof. Also, we'll look into robotics and automation: Will robots really steal our jobs or will they save them altogether? What does this change mean for employees? Find this and more topical articles below. Wanna learn more about new work and best practice solutions for your business? Meet fellow HR-enthusiasts and exchange experiences on the fast-changing world of HR at our Webinar and Meetup series starting this August.

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8 ways to build a future-proof organization The average large firm reorganizes every 2-3 years and it takes over 18 months. With technology advances changing everything, wait and see isn’t an option. [McKinsey&Company]


The Tale of the Painting Robot That Didn't Steal Anyone's Job

Collaborative robotics saved a professional finishing company in the US. In this case, robots have not only made workers more productive, but you could argue that the machines saved those jobs altogether by helping the company compete in a tough market. [WIRED]


Employee Motivation: Why Bonuses May Not Be the Answer Traditionally, money was seen as the main incentive used to motivate employees. Higher productivity results in higher salaries and bonuses. For companies, it’s been used as the main tool to attract, retain and engage their people. Today we’ve learned that the key to motivation is much more complex than that. [impraise blog]


4 strategies for linking talent to value Many organizations end up losing effectiveness by failing to put the right people in the right roles. Often, they focus too much on building a strong hierarchy, with the mindset that the best people are the top two layers. [McKinsey&Company]


How to make your team R.O.C.K. Get to know about great teamwork and what we can learn from successful rock bands. Let your team R.O.C.K.! [McKinsey&Company]

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