Best of X - Future of Work - 23.07.2018

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Guess what! So many readers liked our news, that we're increasing the frequency of our Future of Work News and start sending them every week!

What do we have for you this week?

We start this weeks edition with the latest trends in HR apps and software. Moving along with "the productivity paradox" - a must read! Next, we found out, that free pizza is no success factor in recruiting at startups. Get insights on what's driving magical moments right now. Then we look at talent management and end with an interview about flexible company culture. Yes - bringing your pet to work can enhance company culture.

Finally - just in case you've missed it: We are already recording our new podcast series! Here we ask corporate practitioners and a founder to work out loud through tricky HR-scenarios. Their words will be practical recommendations for your day job! Let us know if you'd like to become a speaker or listener. We enjoyed reading through hundreds of articles to find the best five for you!

Have a great start!


The 10 Fastest Growing New Work Apps and Trends in 2018 Probably you already use a lot of different tools. Experience which promising HR app-newbies can be found in the market to enhance your life and get to know the latest software trends. [zapier]


Human-Machine Work Teams

"One would also expect that technology advances will increase the productivity of the workers involved in these new or transformed occupations." But research shows that productivity has actually significantly decreased over the past years. How can this productivity paradox be explained? How can employee productivity be increased with a given technology? [Irving Wladawsky-Berger]


Goodbye, pizza and beer. Hello, personal growth. Why feeding your employees won’t make them stay.

Pizza-Beer-Playstation. For a long time, startups tried to attract potential employees through these goodies. This is no longer sufficient. People are looking for new magical moments - reaching personal growth by overcoming personal fear.



A CEO’s Guide to Talent Management Today

New technologies force us to put greater significance on human talent which develops to a new competitive advantage. The top 2% of your people merit 80% of your talent attention? Actually, this should not be the case anymore. Teams that transcend individual interests and foster higher levels of teamwork score points and win games. Think of your team as a sports team: collaboration and communication will win by the end of the day. [BCG]


Flexible Company Cultures: An Interview with Doug Coull

Do flexibility, pet-friendliness and a relaxing culture lead to more productive and happy employees? Different insights out of an interview with the Doug Coull, the founder of APS, Inc., makers of SmartSearch applicant tracking systems. [talent culture]

Be happy!

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