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This week we start with the age of urgency and which elements will be inevitable for the organization of the future. Ongoing we provide insight into labor-monitoring technologies and what this brings along for workers. Not as striking as before but not less interesting: Performance Managment Systems in the testing and a three steps guide about hiring. Last but not least some learnings about a company's culture. While reading it, we found many things we already established in our culture. What about you?

Just in case you missed the most important news:

We did it! Finally, we started recording the pilot episodes of our Future of Work Podcast! We'll send you the first episode as soon as possible, pinky promise. Wanna get involved and become a speaker? Just send us a quick message on who you are and why you want to join. The best application will get the chance to be part of the Future of Work Show!

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Organizing for the age of urgency

Technology is changing everything. As digitization, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) sweep across industries and geographies, they aren’t just reshaping the competitive landscape; they’re redefining the organizational imperative: adapt or die. In this article, we’ll share these emerging elements of the organization of the future.

[McKinsey & Company]


Labour-monitoring technologies raise efficiency—and hard questions

Workers have always been monitored by their bosses. In the Industrial Revolution employees were forced to work strict hours at a given work pace. Nowadays Amazon introduced a new wristband which helps to maximize their workers' efficiency. [The Economist]


Betterment Tested Three Performance Management Systems So You Don't Have To

Regardless of what system you choose for performance management, there's a set of things it should always accomplish for you, says Jon Stein, founder, and CEO of Betterment. One of these aspects is to create clear lanes for your team to run and to align your structure key and processes to achieve what needs to get done. Interested to dig deeper? [First Round Review]


Ben Horowitz’s Three Steps Guide On How To Make the Right Hires

Do you always know what you are exactly looking for? For most of the executive searches, look and feel are the top criteria. Instead of looking for someone out of central casting, one must hire the right person for her company at this particular point in time. Get to know three steps leading to successful hiring out of the book of Ben Horowitz. [Medium]


6 Things You Should Accomplish While Building Out Your Culture Code

Why do you need a company culture? The answer is actually threefold. First of all, it attracts talent. Second, it sets expectations for your employees and third, it educates clients. Get to know more about why building a culture for your company is essential. [IMPACT]

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