Best of X - Future of Work - 13.08.2018

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Starting with the section #NEWWORK we present four job skills which will be even more important in HR in the future. Our #AUTOMATION topic this week are five work streams to start your company's digital transformation. #HIGHPERFORMANCE is our favorite article this week. Interested in how you can structure motivation through a pyramid? Following we have a #TALENT Tech article for you. We close this week with some thoughts about office culture influencing your staff (#SMARTOFFICE). Enjoy your Monday!


Four job skills the HR leaders of the future will need More than two-thirds of all HR executives have been working in different fields before. As broader skill sets are necessary for HR a background in Marketing, Sales or Technology delivers cross-sectional expertise. Which skills will be inevitable in the future? [FAST COMPANY]


The Future Of Work: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform The Employee Experience

HR is on its way to add artificial intelligence and chatbots to all relevant processes. Get to know five work streams to begin this digital transformation. [Forbes]


The Simple Tool That Revives Employee Motivation

Jack Chouh was among other things an early product leader for LinkedIn. Follow him through his explanation about the motivation pyramid he created - People, Ownership, Goals, and Mission. [First Round Review]


TalentTech: enabling talent in the digital age

Dig deeper into TalentTech and get to know different companies who already established adaptive programming, networking tools, and other tech advances into their company structure. [McKinsey&Company]


Forget the Indoor Rainforest and the Beer on Tap -- Workers Want More Practical Things

We couldn't have said it in a better way: "This economy shows no sign of slowing, so companies that want to retain engaged staff should ensure their offices are as great as the staff they want." [Entrepreneur Europe]

Be happy!

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