Best of X - Future of Work - 20.08.2018

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Imagine yourself in the year 2030. Do you have any idea about how your workplace will look like? What will be different? PwC conducted a study and created four different scenarios. Would you rather live in the Blue, Green, Red or Yellow world? (#TRANSFORMATION)

What else do we have for you this week?

How can you plan tomorrow's workforce? (#AI)

Setting clear and measurable goals is one of the strategies to keep your team motivated. What else can you do to achieve #HIGHPERFORMANCE?

How can you win with your talent management strategy? Useful insights and actionables are waiting for you! (#TALENT)

Are you allowed to catch the perfect wave during office hours? What if every employee in the office needs to code an app? What do you think about a 4-days week? Get to know 25 examples of great company culture! (#WORKPLACE) Have a great week!


What Will Work Look Like in 2030?

PwC portrays four alternative future worlds of work by using the forces of collectivism and individualism on the one hand and integration and fragmentation on the other. These scenarios may be extreme but if you think through them: How will your talent need change? How can you attract, keep, and motivate the people you need? How will your organization need to evolve in order to stay competitive?

[strategy & business]


AI Meets HR: Planning Tomorrow's Workforce

Workforce automation, when thoughtfully designed and intelligently deployed, offers companies and their employees' new levels of innovation and growth - and a next-generation competitive advantage. A framework for executives and HR leaders to find and maintain their future employees.

[Forbes & KPMG]


How To Motivate And Inspire Your Team To Achieve Better Results

Maintaining motivation and inspiration among your employees is vital. Setting clear and measurable goals is one of the strategies to keep your workforce encouraged. [impraise blog]


Winning with your talent-management strategy

Powerful talent management can increase the financial performance of a company. Drivers such as rapid allocation of talent, the HR function’s involvement in fostering positive employee experience, and a strategic HR function have the greatest impact on a talent-management program’s effectiveness. [McKinsey&Company]


Built, Not Bought: 25 Examples Of Great Company Culture

Company culture reflects the company’s core values and nurtures its team. For this reason, culture is the lifeblood of a company. Take Patagonia for example: As they believe that their employees must fully believe in their products, employees are allowed to go surfing during their office time to catch the perfect wave. [Medium]


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