Best of X - Future of Work - 03.09.2018

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Finally September: This means just some days left to go until we'll be at the Zukunft Personal Europe in Cologne (11-13th of September)! Wanna meet us there? Wanna be part of some podcast recording? Shoot us a message! Forming - Storming - Norming - Performing - Adjourning: How can you develop a remote team in 5 stages? (#REMOTEWORK) The impact of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) is going to change many areas of our daily life and work life. Get some background information (#TECHNOLOGY). One of our favorite articles this week was the #HIGHPERFORMANCE article talking about parallels which can be found in sports and in business taking as an example the US women soccer team of 1990. Do you rate your employees being A, B or C players? Appster does and seems to be quite successful with its restructured #RECRUITING process. Do you already know McKinsey's FIVE FIFTY format? This week we present Zappos company #CULTURE in whether 5 or 50 minutes. Enjoy the first days of autumn!


The 5 Stages of Team Development: What You Need to Know

How can you build successful team development when half of your team works remotely? How can you identify the stage your team is at the moment and which tools can help you to improve the process? [teamwork blog]


Commercial drones are here: The future of unmanned aerial systems

Not just an HR topic, but definitely interesting: How can UAS transform our society, our workspace and our daily life? Dig in deeper into UAS value, factors influencing the UAS market and some strategic considerations.[McKinsey&Company]


The Power of Inspiration, Perspiration, and Cooperation - in Sports and in Business

"Sports and Business are different activities, and metaphors that attempt to connect the two are often artificial. There is a joy and a camaraderie in sports that is hard to find in business. One involves play; the other, work. But cooperation is essential - and the same - in both activities." [BCG]


Why we have 22-hour interviews

After some failure, Appstster completely had to restructure its hiring policy. Excessive? Yes, no doubt. Successful as well? Definitely! Would you consider yourself as an A player? [Medium - The Startup]


FIVE FIFTY: Try a little weird

How much time do you have? Five minutes to glance over the article or do you wanna dig in deeper? Get to know about Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, who made weirdness one of its core values.



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