Best of X - Future of Work - 18.09.2018

Hello there! Back to work after a really inspiring time last week at the Zukunft Personal Europe in Cologne. So many interesting panels, fights, and cool people talking about the Future of Work!

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When talking about the future of work automation and job loss are often used in the same sentence. As it is still a human decision which jobs to eliminate, the connection is actually not that strong (#TRANSFORMATION). The African economy is marked through low wages and labor-intensive work. Is advancing automation threatening this competitive advantage? (#AUTOMATION)

How do you cope with feedback? Is there an established feedback culture in your organization or does the word alone increase your heart rate? Neuroscientists conducted a new study about the art of asking for feedback and getting the most out of it. (#PERFORMANCE) #RE-SKILLING your workforce to succeed in the future is essential. Get some insights which strategic planning needs to be implemented. Company #CULTURE needs to be scaled if your company grows. What do you think about culture ambassadors or culture champions?

Enjoy your week!


How AI Can Help Prevent Fraud and Save Retailers Millions

Retailers could lose billions of dollars due to false positives and account takeovers over the next few years. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can provide retailers with comprehensive fraud protection to improve customer protection and raise revenue. [My Total Retail]


Automation: The exaggerated threat of robots

How can African countries face the automation of production? How do they need to restructure their business environment in order to make profitable use of robots in production processes? Is there a real threat that production is shifted to well-industrialized countries? A short analysis of the African economy. [flassbeck economics international]


Using Neuroscience to Make Feedback Work and Feel Better

Feedback conversations produce heart rates comparable to public speaking. Asking for feedback could be a better option. "When you ask for feedback, you’re licensing people to be critical of you." Get to know what new neurochemical studies concerning feedback found out. [strategy & business]


Right-skilling for your future workforce

A McKinsey study conducts, that by 2030 around 375 workers all around the world need to adopt new skills due to the increase in automation. Hiring will always play an important role, but re-skilling your workforce could be even more important. [McKinsey&Company]


The Bigger You Get, the More Attention Your Culture Needs

47 percent of people looking for a new job blame company culture for their desire to move. That fact alone shows the importance of company culture. Follow these 5 steps to achieve something great as your company grows.[Entrepreneur Europe]


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