Best of X - Retailtech is coming to BoX

Guess what - we're adding the next industry segment to our Best of X - Series. Retailtech is coming to BoX!!! As in all of our Best of X segments, there will be a dedicated LinkedIn group. A weekly newsletter.

Webinars/podcasts where we'll feature innovative corporates and promising startups solving tricky retail scenarios. And of course, our signature events where we coach and connect startups and corporates to initiate successful pilots. Big thumbs up to our friends at the Retailtech Hub who are supporting us all the way in this new adventure. Now let's talk content - below you'll find out how AI protects your inventory, why Walmart found a new way to use blockchain, that China wins at retail and whether you might have got the term customer experience all wrong... enjoy! Interested to get the best articles about Retailtech every week directly to your inbox?


How AI Can Help Prevent Fraud and Save Retailers Millions

Retailers could lose billions of dollars due to false positives and account takeovers over the next few years. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can provide retailers with comprehensive fraud protection to improve customer protection and raise revenue. [My Total Retail]


Chinese retail is winning the future

One of the biggest Chinese e-commerce company builds nearly full-automated warehouses to reduce its workforce while Amazon and other e-commerce firms are hiring workers in droves. [AXIOS]


Consumers prefer the technology of chain retailers

A recent study shows that shoppers chose larger retailers due to technology applications. Most relevant factors for shoppers include online ordering & local pickup as well as self-checkout solutions. On the flip side, tech-glitches increase complaints. [FierceRetail]


Why Retail Is Getting 'Experience' Wrong

This retail futurist argues that instead of reducing the customer experience to service and creative store plans, retailers must engineer micro-moments to deliver the perfect experience. Criteria to be met are engagement, uniqueness, personalization, surprise & scalability. [Business Of Fashion]


Walmart Looks to Blockchain for Better Package Tracking

The retailer applies blockchain as a way to automate elements of the delivery process. Much of the public-facing work has been focused on food supply chain tracking. The latest filing Walmart uses blockchain to tackle home delivery.[COINDESK]


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