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Here's what we found relevant for you: Amazon, who will create virtual store departmentsWalmart also tests VR in their incubatorYouTube creator's word on the power of video reviewsweview Two must-readsautomated hyper-personalization Bye, bye Blockchain!


Watch Amazon’s VR kiosks transform the future of shopping

Amazon is transforming the future of shopping. Virtual reality kiosks take shoppers into walk-through rooms that reflect current Amazon store sections and interact with virtual products. Will VR complete the final conversion from brick & mortar to the Amazon Prime membership? [venturebeat]


Inside Store No. 8, Walmart’s incubator that is testing VR and conversational commerce

Naturally, no retail incubator is working on the level of what we can do at BoX Retailtech with our besties from the Retailtech Hub ;) However, working with retailtech startups is just a safe bet. Instead of investing in these companies as a venture capitalist would, performance is measured by how these tools may be useful for a future customer experience. Rather than profitability.[digiday]


3 YouTube creators explore the shopping trends inspiring today’s consumers

Fact: 80% of shoppers who watched a YouTube video related to a planned purchase said they watched it at the start of their shopping process. Seeing a real person try out these products may help inspire a viewer’s next purchase, especially when this ‘real person’ is a creator who they trust will tell the truth. [thinkwithgoogle]


The Future of Retail is Up Close and Personal

What we see, hear, touch and even feel is redefining our understanding of truth and the information we process in a retail environment. Not only do we absorb vast amounts of data, but we're active producers in creating it. This creates a massive potential for automated hyper-personalization in retail environments. [mytotalretail]


Blockchain, Once Seen as a Corporate Cure-All, Suffers Slowdown

A number of software projects based on the distributed ledger technology will be wound down this year. In 90 percent of cases, the experiments will never become part of a company’s operations. Only 8 percent of CIOs said they were in short-term planning or active experimentation with blockchain. [bloomberg]

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