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We start with the six essentials for integrating Augmented Reality Apps in your retail business, followed by a cross-generational study on the importance of company values and trust.

Next, we look at the "try before I buy" challenge in e-commerce and apparel's approach to solving that.

Then we focus on the future of prescriptive retail analytics, and it's range of applications. We finish this edition an upcoming billion-dollar media battleground among retailers and media companies fighting for fame, glory and customer loyalty! Interested to get the best articles about Retailtech every week directly to your inbox?


6 Essentials for Creating Retail-Focused Augmented Reality Apps

Analysts predict rapid growth for the AR apps and services market, projected to go from $ 2.4 billion in 2016 to $61 billion by 2023. NOW is the time to think about creating and deploying AR apps to drive sales, increase customer retention and create a bespoke customer experience. Read this article how to make the most out of an Augmented Reality App. [My Total Retail]


44% Of Shoppers Reward Retailers That Share Their Values

Company’s culture and philanthropy make important contributions to brand perception. Trust is the foundation of consumer loyalty across all age groups. Read what drives millennials, generation Z, and baby boomers regarding company values and how to address each of them properly. [retailTouchPoints]


27% of apparel sales are now online

About 50% of apparel sales consumers said they still prefer to shop for clothing in stores because they want to "try before they buy" clothing online. There is still room for improvement concerning e-commerce. So how do I get the most out of e-commerce? In this article, you are going to find out how apparel retailers push its e-commerce sales forward. [RetailDive]


Think Tank: New Age of Retailing and Big Data Analytics

Retail data analytics is not just a competitive edge anymore, rather a necessary tool to compete with other retailers. Predictive analytics was yesterday, prescriptive analytics is the future. If you have a huge interest in understanding the wide range of applications you need to read this! [WWD]


Retailers are getting into the media and advertising businesses

Retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Kroger are entering a crowded field of media, where tech and telecom companies that already have their own streaming services. However, retailers see a huge opportunity entering a billion-dollar market and seek to get on a gravy train. Read about their strategies and media services to compete with the major tech platforms like Facebook. One's certain, it's going to be a bloody battleground.[AXIOS]


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