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Hello world! Curious what's in store this week! Here's what we found relevant for you: This week we're kicking things off with Wayfair and its first mixed-reality shopping experience. Further on we're looking at how Amazon intends to take over the offline retail market. And last, but not least we focus on how AI is crushing the supply chain and might make human workers become obsolete. Two must-reads for this week are a retailer’s guide to connecting with customers on mobile and maybe even more so our final article: Hype, Hype Voice Shopping!

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Ditching Mobile Search for Voice? Not so Fast

In our second episode of Retailtech News we have covered the bright future of voice shopping and it's game changing role. But is voice shopping really going to smash down chat bots and mobile search and become the king of the shopping jungle? Find out in this article. [mytotalretail]


Amazon Captures 5 Percent of American Retail Spending. Is That a Lot?

Less than 10 percent of retail spending in the U.S. is online.Due to that fact Amazon is just a small e-commerce fish in the big retail pond. But there’s still lots of room to grow in the offline retail market. By introducing automated AI and VR enhanced Amazon Go's stores Amazon is tackling the offline retail market. [bloomberg]


Wayfair unleashes mixed-reality shopping

Everything is about to make consumers more comfortable with expensive online purchases. Integrate AR, VR and Mixed-Reality applications in your online retail experience for smoothing out the online purchasing process and avoiding excessive returns. Wayfair, an innovative retailer in the home décor space, unveiled its first mixed-reality shopping experience. [retaildive]


A Retailer’s Guide to Connecting With Customers on Mobile

Smart retailers should tap into available pools of data on user behavior, including their browsing and spending habits and develop therefrom distinct campaigns based on what the data has revealed. Mobile first is still the way of the future. Get your BEST PRACTICES HERE. [mytotalretail]


New Supply Chain Jobs Are Emerging as AI Takes Hold

Companies are cutting supply chain complexity and accelerating responsiveness using the tools of artificial intelligence. Through AI, machine learning, robotics, and advanced analytics, firms are augmenting knowledge-intensive areas such as supply chain planning, customer order management, and inventory tracking. What does that mean for the supply chain workforce? Does it mean human workers will become obsolete OR maybe even new AI-driven jobs will emerge? [HBR]

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