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Kind greetings from sunny Munich. Did you have a busy week and no chance to update yourself on the newest actions in the retail industry?

Never mind, that's why you get your weekly Retailtech Blogpost! Here's what we found relevant for you: This week we're kicking things off by introducing the TOP 100 fastest-growing retailers. Then we're looking at how Foot Locker uses AR to transform customer experience during Nike's sneaker drop event. And last, but not least we focus on how Walmart partners with Paypal to offer in-store services creating new revenue channels. Two must-reads for this week are an article about enterprises acting like startups and our final article: How to apply machine Learning to drive revenue!

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Top 100 Fastest-Growing Retailers List

Coty, Gaiam, Wayfair and Amazon among others are fighting for the pole position in a year-over-year net sales growth. Dive into this resource to uncover the tactics used by these leading retailers to drive sales gains, and see what can be incorporated into your own business. Get your Top 100 Fastest-Growing Retailers List HERE: [mytotalretail]


Foot Locker transforms Nike sneaker drop into AR treasure hunt

Foot Locker's AR scavenger hunt and mobile pop-up shops are part of the retailer's strategy to engage mobile customers and generate a new way elevating the shopping experience for customers. Engaging can be so simple, read how to create an experience like that. [mobilemarketer]


Walmart, PayPal partner to offer in-store services

Walmart and PayPal announced a partnership to allow PayPal mobile app users to withdraw cash from and deposit cash into their PayPal accounts at Walmart stores, marking the first time PayPal users will be able to take both these actions in a brick-and-mortar environment. [retaildive]


Retail Role Reversal: Grown-Up Retailers Acting Like Startups

Are you moving fast? Are you innovating? Are you having fun? We hope that you are doing all that! Legacy retailers such as Walmart and Target are swapping big box thinking for a startup-in-a-garage mindset, with striking results. Thinking and acting like a startup but also in the right way will make in-store shopping and e-commerce faster and more convenient. [forbes]


The Science of Retail: Applying Machine Learning to Drive Revenue

To effectively transform retail enterprises from data-rich to data-led, retailers must make their data actionable. They must turn a data swamp into a smoothly running data stream. Read what is required to drive revenue using prescriptive analytics. [mytotalretail]

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