Best of X - Retailtech - Round 2: 7-Eleven VS. Amazon & More

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Our Readers are Leaders - so we've put in the work and hand-picked the five most interesting Retailtech articles to read for you! Here's what we found relevant for you this week: Two must-reads: Interested in the foundational changes happening in the grocery industry? Here are 7 big takeaways from Groceryshop. Next up how 7-Eleven competes with Amazon, piloting a mobile checkout to let customers skip the line. But wait there is more... We found a guide how to invest in the right technology as a retailer and what are the takeaways of the most expensive takeover in retail drowning in debt. Least but not last we encourage you to take a look on 40-page report "Top Retail AI Trends To Watch" from CBinsights.

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4 Ways to Reimagine Your Tired Retail Space and Boost Revenue

Have you heard of products like Hypervsn, Bluetooth beacons and Planar LookThru among others who offer a definite wow factor and promise to be the next big thing? New technology has to be used in a way that best facilitates a human connection. Tech should relate to the brand rather have just a WoW effect on the customer. Find out more about how you can provide the right technology as a start-up or invest in the right technology as a retailer. [mytotalretail]


7 big takeaways from Groceryshop

Interested in the foundational changes happening in the grocery industry? Here are a few of top takeaways from the Groceryshop show in Las Vegas on Oct. 28. Learn more about where online grocery is headed and what tools are getting it there. [grocerydive]


The Most Expensive Takeover in Retail Is Drowning in Debt

The story of the retailer's journey, Toys R Us, from big box dominance to liquidation — barring some last-minute salvation by an outsider — was long. And the people running the retailer's stores saw it firsthand. Over the decades, Toys R Us has amassed a devoted tribe of employees, tens of thousands strong, many of whom were caught off-guard by the company's liquidation, if not its bankruptcy. Get a deeper insight on numerous reasons right now in this article: [bloomberg]


7-Eleven pilots mobile checkout to let customers skip the line

7-Eleven began testing a mobile self-checkout feature that lets customers skip the checkout line and pay for their purchases using the convenience chain's app. The Scan & Pay pilot program is running in 14 stores in the Dallas area. With mobile self-checkout technology, 7-Eleven attacks two of the biggest sources of shopper complaints: Waiting in line and the checkout process. [mobilemarketer]


The AI Industry Series: Top Retail AI Trends To Watch

Many of the AI trends emerging in retail result from Amazon, as the tech giant forces retailers to reconsider their e-commerce strategies and innovate in the brick-and-motor space to stay competitive. Read the second industry deep dive report from CB enlighting the top AI trends transforming the retail industry. After register at CBinsights, you can download the entire 40-page report, HERE: [cbinsights]

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