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We're glad you have taken your time to upgrade your Day with our hottest Retailtech Blognews. Here's what we found relevant for you: Two must-reads: Jeff Bezos says Amazon will fail. Is there any truth to it? Read his thoughts and predictions for Amazon’s future. Next up: Dominating your market implies pivotal deals and growth. Who are the 7 retailers that made pivotal deals in 2018? But wait there is more... Sam's Club attacks Amazon Go stores with its brand new cashier-less store technology. Ahold Delhaize investing millions to overhaul aging U.S stores. And if you are tired of technology then check it out this: How brands can thrive in an era of Amazon without overinvesting in innovative tech.

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Sam's Club 'close' to unveiling cashier-less Amazon Go rival

Sam's Club is opening a new store, the epicenter of innovation. The new store will be viewed as a mobile-first technology lab that will incubate and refine new tech services. Check out what tech they gonna use!? [retaildive]


Ahold Delhaize open to M&A as part of its push to dominate local markets

Not every player can afford to invest in new in-store technology to overhaul aging stores. Ahold Delhaize can afford it and is investing millions in their 2.000 U.S stores. Ahold wants to be a consolidator of choice, to gain share, to make the brands along the East Coast even bigger. [grocerydive]


Jeff Bezos Says Amazon Will Fail

Amazon’s CEO believes that the retailer’s success has a shelf life and that the e-commerce giant will go bankrupt. Hear his thoughts and predictions for Amazon’s future. [risnews]


How Brands Can Thrive in an Era of Amazon

Seemingly overnight, industry-specific, best-in-class standards have dissolved. Perhaps no single organization has done more to make consumer expectations portable across categories than To thrive and win in the age of Amazon, retailers need to master three core areas. What are these areas? Find out here [totalretail]


7 retailers that made pivotal deals in 2018

Walmart made its largest deal ever — abroad. Amazon made moves in pharma and Macy's absorbed the popular store concept creator Story. Check out the deals that have defined the year! [retaildive]

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