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It's time for your Retailtech Blognews! The last edition in 2018! Enjoy those final Xmas retail sales and then let's have a quick break before we reconnect next year. Here's what we found relevant for you this week: Two must-reads: People call it "Nike Arena". We call it " Make It Happen Arena". However, it's the Nike's new House of Innovation flagship. It's customer-centric, personalized and entertaining. It's Nike. Next up: Amazon Go isn't just a new trendy way to shop but Amazon is changing the shopping behavior and employee culture forever! But wait there is more...How to transform your employee to a true omnichannel master? Get the strategies that can help your in-store associates compete. Are you interested in automated checkouts? Then check this out, Untuckit adds mobile checkout to its in-store experience. Last but not least Lidl acquires Best Market to 'jump-start' the discounter's US push. Aldi watch out Lidl is coming for you!

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Inside Nike's new House of Innovation flagship

"Nike Arena," the floor most customers enter on, doesn't actually have any product on it. There's a large customization area where consumers can make changes to a pair of shoes they liked — change the color of the laces, of a Swoosh, of the whole shoe — and some other artistic elements. Find out how Nike's innovation flagship is truly different. [retaildive]


Lidl's acquisition of Best Market could 'jump-start' the discounter's US push

Lidl, which entered the U.S. market with a splash last summer, has focused on building and owning new locations. This purchase marks the German company's first major acquisition — and potentially a change in its domestic strategy. [grocerydive]


Untuckit adds mobile checkout to its in-store experience

Untuckit, a fast-growing casual men's apparel retailer, is using technology from Studio Proper to streamline point-of-sale transactions in its 40 brick-and-mortar stores, according to a press release emailed to Retail Dive. Proper Business Solutions, from retail solutions hardware provider Studio Proper, allows Untuckit store associates to provide customers with mobile transactions using iPads on the sales floor, and thus avoid lines at checkout. [retaildive]


In Amazon Go, no one thinks I'm stealing

Do you remember when your mother told you the rules of shopping? Don't touch anything. Don't put your hands in your pockets. When you get old enough to carry a purse, don't dig through it while you're in the store. Always get a receipt. Always get a bag. With Amazon Go these rules may get obsolete. So how is Amazon changing the shopping behavior and employee culture? [cnet]


Meet the Store Associate of the Future: The New Omnichannel Associate

It’s no secret that today’s customers want retailers to pair the convenience and selection of e-commerce with the intimate feel of an in-person brick-and-mortar experience. More and more smart and resourceful retailers are learning to bridge this gap with new technology that empowers in-store associates to become true omnichannel employees. With this playbook, you get strategies that help your in-store associates compete and thrive in the ever-changing digital environment. [retaildive]

We wish you a lovely Christmas and a happy New Years Eve!

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