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Happy New Year Everyone!

We hope you kicked off an amazing new year and ready for our first edition of Retailtech Blognews!

Let's start with a reminder from 2018, your Tuesday-Bonus: A Fun Fact 2018: The numbers are in U.S. retail’s biggest shopping holiday of the year, from Thanksgiving Day to Black Friday to Cyber Monday generated $24.2 billion in online revenues. Sweet, comparing to Alibaba’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival! It outstriped everything, in just 24 hours! See image below for more details! Here's what we found relevant for you: Two must-reads: Many big businesses are confident about Africa's long-term economic prospects. Probably you should also rethink Africa's business opportunities. Is Amazon going to inevitably be the e-commerce powerhouse of the future and dictate brands the shape of their products?

But wait there is more...How to help online shoppers to find the perfect clothing size? Asos' in-app Fit Assistant has the answer!

You have heard of Shopify, right? Have you also heard of the 10 Shopify stores you can browse in Augmented Reality today? Last but not least, what are the principles of fresh-food retailing - price or quality?

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Rethinking the African business opportunity

Betting long on Africa? With expectations of technological growth, high demand for infrastructure, and rapid urbanization, respondents to a McKinsey Global Survey on business opportunities in Africa are confident about the continent’s long-term economic prospects. In fact, respondents in Africa and in other regions believe that 20 years from now, its combined GDP will be among the fastest growing in the world. Read the full report here: [mckinsey]


10 Shopify Stores You Can Browse in Augmented Reality Today

With Shopify AR, Shopify gives merchants the tools to create their own augmented reality shopping experiences. The technology enables to bring their products to life in front of their customers. Explore ten examples of stores using augmented reality powered by Shopify, spanning different industries and use cases! [shopify]


In fresh-food retailing, quality matters more than price

If you’re a fresh-food retailer in Europe, your apples and bananas better be top-notch! European consumers tend to judge the quality of a retailer’s fresh-produce department based on those two particular fruits. Interested in deeper insights? --> [mckinsey]


How Amazon Now Shapes What Our Stuff Looks Like

Amazon’s ambitions to control packaging and, as a result, even more of its supply chain doesn’t stop at soap. The company has embarked on a newly aggressive effort to work directly with producers and sellers to create packaging that better adapts to its logistics needs. Is Amazon going to inevitably be the e-commerce powerhouse of the future? [gizmodo]


Asos' in-app Fit Assistant helps shoppers find the perfect size

Selling hundreds of different brands of clothing makes it difficult for customers to find the right size in each fashion line. Asos solving this problem by using an in-app Fit Analytics Assistant, a sizing platform that combines a database of garment information with purchase records. [mobilemarketer]

Enjoy! The Best of X Retailtech Team

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