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VILISTO develops products for companies that want to reduce operating costs comfortably and without much effort . Your employees can relax and lie back - our self-learning products automatically deliver your personal feel-good climate during working hours and at the same time help you to save a lot of energy . Discover our self-learning system for radiator control.

the selected startups

BRC Solar GmbH


Shaded photovoltaic modules produce no energy in the time they are shaded and have the risk of module destruction in course of long-term shading. Modules, where our electronics is added, are able to produce up to 60% of the maximum amount of the energy while they are shaded. Because our electronics also minimize the risk of module destruction, powerplant operators are able to reduce the module distance.



dezera offers Flexibility-as-a-Service for distributed energy producers and consumers. We are focused on optimizing energy production and demand to the volatility on the short-term energy markets. This way we are abe to higher the revenue for electricity production from CHP's or lower the electricity costs for electricity consumers.

GetPEC mbH


GetPEC develops cutting edge technology for two-phase heat transfer. In order to use this technology profitably and sustainably, we also offer holistic analysis and design of thermal systems. Our offer is rounded out by the experimental investigation of customer hardware on a scientific level.

gridX GmbH


gridX is an OEM-agnostic platform for decentralized energy resource management, that enables the connectivity and communication between devices using manufacturer-specific protocols and aggregates data into an accessible and intelligible format.
gridX aims at becoming the operating platform of the decentralized energy age. gridX achieves this by developing and deploying modern communication and cutting-edge data analysis tools, so as to enable energy consumers, grid operators and utilities to make the generation, transmission and consumption of energy more efficient and sustainable.



Heuremo is the expert for one of the biggest logistics problems in these times (times with heavy traffic, discussions on diesel bans...): urban freight transport. With our AI-based software products, we optimise the milage of trucks up to 20%. Our target customers like freight forwarders or wholesalers benefit from our holistic automatised transportation planning and the optional "Matching AI" that enables an automatised exchange platform for urban freight transports.​

Klimagriff GmbH


Our Smart Climate Construction kit is the simple and intelligent solution to protect the building fabric, to reduce energy consumption and to network with your property. Your property will automatically react to your wishes and preferences in the future.
Through years of experience in the construction sector, we have recognized the problem of moisture and moisture transport. The moisture has multiple sources, such as user, building damage and climate change (increased humidity and severe weather conditions).
This knowledge, as well as the constant work on new solutions, led to a holistic view of the problem in the foreground. This resulted in the Smart Climate modular system, which is unique in this sector.



We recycle industrial waste heat or solar energy and store it in our high-temperature heat storage up to 1.300°C. If required, this high-calorific heat can be used in district or local heating, for process heat, for cold production or converted into electricity. The heat can be made available stationary or mobile at the destination.

ParkHere GmbH

ParkHere simplifies the parking process for car drivers and car park operators by developing and integrating IoT solutions. The Start-Up works on a holistic and seamless parking solution with self-powered hardware and open software interfaces. Its aim is to minimize traffic and environmental pollution in cities and maximize car park operators’ revenues by increasing the capacity of parking lots while decreasing costs.



We are developing a hardware and a service model to enable people to share their surplus produced renewable energy with their neighbors legally waterthigt, user-friendly and economical. Our hardware is transferring energy electrically isolated, controlled and under consideration of energy consumption and production of all parties concerned. At the moment we are implementing two field tests, where people share their energy from a pv and cogeneration plant with other people within their own house and over their property line.

S3 Innovations

We are developing smart charging solutions and infrastructure to drive the expansion of charging points for electric vehicles. Our scalable cloud platform allows EV drivers to use more charging points and chargepoint owners to share their charging station with other EV driversy. Furthermore, our cloud platform enables network operators to avoid blackouts in order to save network expansion costs. We use data analysis to predict bottlenecks in the grid and increase the efficiency of public charging points.

 the coaches 

jan c.


Excited about startup DNA and fired up by validation of innovative ideas for commercial viability. Co-Founder of Best of X and the Founders Fight Club. Agile coach and expert for startup business model design. 


Having successfully helped to scale technology ventures Jan is focussed on hosting meaningful entrepreneurship events and coaches established companies in the application of best practices in corporate entrepreneurship.



Six years ago, Stefan Levko ventured into business coaching and consulting with his company “rent-a-kfm.Leiter” where he provides professional financial, HR and management services to startups and SMEs.


Stefan is an active member in Munich’s startup ecosystem and started several initiatives such as Instant Startup Munich, HR Meetup Munich and reviews new business models in his role as judge of Munich’s renowned Business Plan Competition.


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