WEBINAR: 26.06.18 I 6:30 - 7:00pm

Every second Tuesday evening we invite a practitioner of an established corporate and a founder to think through a real-life HR scenario and give practical recommendations. The audience is invited to participate, ask questions and vote for the most convincing strategy.​ The next Episode will be about Feedback 360°.

WORKSHOP: 11. - 12.10.18

The Best of X Workshop is a one and a half day event. At the Smart City Edition, corporate host Entega invites up to ten Startups who will be selected by our Ambassadors. During the day we will work out possible business cases and onboard sustainable pilot projects. Smart City Startups are welcome to apply.

WORKSHOP: 13. - 14.11.18  

We will host short workshop sessions with both startups and corporate representatives at the Zukunft Personal Austria in Vienna. The participants will work through real-life HR scenarios with the "5 Whys" method and get practical action recommendations for their work life. Besides that, they can network and talk about sustainable business collaborations.

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